Introducinng the elegant fog machine. This machine is what you need in your houses, offices. workplace etc. To prevent you from diseases, and germs, pests that distroy electric wires it is very perfect for use


The main benefit of fogging is its effectiveness; fogging kills 99.9999% of all known germs, bacteria, fungus and viruses, including COVID-19.

Another great benefit of fogging is how it’s actually distributed. Because we dispense a fine mist throughout your office or workplace, it covers every available surface. This means the clean is unparalleled in how thorough it is. Regular cleaning just isn’t able to get to every single surface in this way.

Fogging is safe to use, even on your electrical equipment. You won’t have to worry about damaging your computers or laptops, as fogging is a ‘dry mist’, and won’t do any damage to those items.

It’s extremely quick, so if you have a suspected case of COVID in the workplace, fogging means that you’ll be able to have the entire place sanitised and work-ready quickly – typically within a couple of hours. This means less down time, less chance of losing money and increased safety for you and your team.

The final benefit is how flexible fogging can be when you book with The Fine Cleaning Company. We charge per square foot, so your price will be directly linked to the size of the space. Furthermore, we can fit the fogging service in around your timetable and schedule. This will ensure the entire operation is carried out smoothly and with as little disruption as possible.


  1. a versatile fog machine readily assisting in making light beams or lighting effects visible and creating a specific mood or atmosphere to entertain the audience.
  2.  appropriate for a wide variety of applications: widely used in entertainment venues to enhance lighting effects, such as live events, theaters, concerts, nightclubs, weddings, raves, and also frequently used in home parties or Halloween displays, such as haunted houses or forests.
  3.  Features: wireless remote available for long-distance activation; ease of use, compact, portability and durability; ample fluid reservoir capacity (1 litre), superior capability of fog production (60-second continuous fog emitting, 140m³/min, 6-meter spray distance); a robust bracket is included, allowing the unit to be mounted on the truss or floor.
Heating time: 4-8 minutes

Nozzle diameter: 1.2mm air column angle: 1.2cm Operation mode: remote control / drive-by-wire Length of drive-by-wire: 3 meters Distance of remote control: > 50 meters Fluid reservoir capacity: 1L Continuous spray: 60 seconds Smoke spray rate: 140m³ / Min Spray distance: 6 meters

1. Wireless remote available for long-distance activation;
2. Ease of use, compact, portability and durability;
3. Ample fluid reservoir capacity (1L),


.Smoke machine must be placed in a ventilated place; do not place it in the hole during use; otherwise the temperature of smoke machine will get overly high, and then smoke machine will be unable to heat because of the cutoff temperature control fuse

. 2.Smoke machine can be placed on the ground or can be installed aloft, parallel to the floor, but cannot be tilted; make sure to leave enough room for heat dissipation, at least 30 cm distant from all round the smoke machine.

3.Keep it out of the reach of children, away from inflammable and explosive goods; stay 40 cm away from the smoke machine to avoid scald accident.

4.All the smoke machines will spray out a small amount of smoke during heating (some of them even with slight smell of burning), which is a normal phenomenon.

5.If these situations happens, such as lessen smoke, noisy oil suction pump or incapability of spraying out smoke, please power off immediately. In the meanwhile, check the stock of smoke liquid, fuse, connecting wire and power plug. If the problem cannot be solved, please contact with the dealer.

6.Smoke machine cannot be left unattended when working. Children cannot touch the machine. Do not add flammable liquid, for example, oil, gas or perfume. Do not touch wires when the machine is working, for preventing from electric shock

. 7.Please confirm if there is liquid or metal inside the machine. Contact the dealer if the machine has troubles. After using the machine, you must set it aside to cool down for at least one hour before you put it into package box.

8.The maintenance period of smoke machine is 1 to 2 months. The specific method is that spray 20% vinegar plus 80% distilled water 3 to 5 times after heating done

. 9.Keep the remote accessories of smoke machine well. Generally, the factory will not provide free accessories if you lose them.

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